xbelSync - bookmark synchronization
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xbelSync is developed using GTK and LibXML. If they are not already on your system, you will need to download(4190kb) and install them first.

After this, you will need to download(320kb) and install xbelSync(v.0.7.5). This program is under GNU GPL license.

You may also browse the latest source code, or get them through SVN by using this commands:

svn co https://xbelsync.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbelsync/trunk/xbelSync.0.7.5 xbelSync

The network synchronization module was not intensivelly tested, and contains bugs which may cause you to loose data! Please, make a back-up of your bookmarks ( by coping the xbel file in a different location ) before proceding! Also, it contains major security flows!
Local browsers synchronization module does never delete bookmarks, so it should be safe to use it.