xbelSync 0.8 alpha 7
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The xbelSync.alpha package contains preview releases of xbelSync 0.8. This version is written from scratch, as the entire architecture has been completely redesigned. When a milestone is reached, a new alpha version is made available.

xbelSync 0.8 alpha 7

The milestone for next releases is:

xbelSync 0.8 alpha 8

Alpha 8 version will have all the features of version 0.8. After this release, there will be several beta releases that will contain bug fixes and improvements. No major features will be implemented in the beta releases. Along with first beta release, a new website will be launched and 0.7.5 version will be replaced.

Before releasing version 0.8, there will be some candidate releases that will contain only bug fixes.

Download and install

xbelSync 0.8 a7 release contains a Windows and a Linux version. To install the Windows version just run the setup file provided. To install Linux version, unpack the archive and compile the sources ( ./configure; make; make install ).

Source code

Source code for xbelSync 0.8 a7 or latest source code are available through SVN.